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Committee Structure

We currently have 4 Committee which alongside the Governing Body. These committees follow the structure of the school

  • Social Care and Safeguarding (Governors - Carys Long (Chair), Alwen Coventry, Richard Elliott, Manual Rodrigues)
  • Teaching and Learning (Governors - Alwen Coventry (Chair), Paul Myers, Wendy Fallon, Manuel Rodrigues, Grahame Ward)
  • Staffing (Governors - Oonagh Wood (Chair), Brian Davies, Manuel Rodrigues, Carys Long
  • Business Management  (Governors - Grahame Ward (Chair Finance issues), Wendy Fallon (Chair Facilies issues), Brian Davies, Paul Myers, Tobias Ballard, Jim Donohoe


Each committee will ensure compliance with the regulations and will:

  • Determine the membership and the arrangements for appointing a chairman
  • Establish and record Terms of Reference
  • Report back to the Main Governing Body
  • Copy minutes of the committee meetings to all Governors and share all key issues






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