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Press Release 29 June 2015


A burst of orange to get evenone in the mood

We Had A Brilliant Day!

Sunday 17th May: Our inaugural Rainbow Run.


Valence Welcomes European Visitors

Delegates from Denmark, Germany, The Czech Republic and the UK visited Valence today as part of the Soil Association-led Food for Life Partnership.


The School Gate Online

One of our parents has created an online 'school gate' where parents and carers can meet online, chat, support each other and the school, and generally share useful information. Parents and carers wil


New Telephone System

We are going to be introducing a new system with options for our main phone number. We we trial the new system and let you know when it is going live.


New MD Alert Card Launched

The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign Bridging the Gap Project have announced the launch of a new alert card for people living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 



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